Bunny Clothespin Easter Craft Using Paint Samples

Make some Easter bunny clothespins for a fun craft with your kids! All you need is clothespins, pom poms, ribbon, glue, and paint samples to make them. I bought the clothespins at my local grocery store for about $1.89 for 50 of them but I heard they also sell them at the dollar store, even better!


 You can use any colors that you have at home!


You will first need to head to your local paint store (or Walmart like me!) and grab some pastel colored paint samples. I liked the Better Homes brand one because it had a lot of space to use.


First flip the paint sample over and with a black sharpie, free-draw a little bunny figure. The sharpie will not show through with this specific paint sample! As you can see it doesn’t need to be perfect.


Cut the outline of the bunny out.


Put a line of glue on top of the clothespin and cut a piece of ribbon the same length, sticking it on there.


Glue your paint sample bunny at the top of the clothespin. Put a little glob of elmer’s glue on the bunny’s “butt” and stick a white pom pom for his tail.


We bought some pastel colored buttons to match the ribbons at Walmart (they were a $1!) and glued them on some more clothespins. You can add a little magnet to the backs to stick on the fridge for Easter time or they could be paper holders!

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