Bottle Cap Easter Crafts for Kids (Chick & Bunny)

Here’s a great Easter craft for kids to make and for adults to enjoy a beer! 😉 Save those empty bottle caps because you can make so many critters out of them! Add a magnet to the back and they would be perfect for the fridge.


Here we have a little chick and bunny!


You will need orange/yellow construction paper, two googly eyes, a bottle cap, yellow feather, glue, and scissors.



Glue a yellow circle inside the bottle cap. Add some googly eyes and an orange beak too. Cut little strips of orange paper and fold it back/forth then glue some feet on.


Glue some yellow paper wings to the back of the bottle cap. Cut a small piece of feather and glue it above the eyes. He’s such a cute little chick!


To make a bunny bottle cap you will need pink/white construction paper, 2 googly eyes, bakers twine, glue, and a black marker.



Cut out a pink circle and glue it inside the bottle cap. Make some ears and attach them to his head. The tricky part is getting the bakers twine to look right! Cut 6 little pieces and put glue on the face. We cut out a black triangle and glued it ON TOP of the twine to make it look better. Add a smile and you’ve got yourself a little Easter bunny!

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  1. This is super cute! I love the idea of adding a magnet to them too.

  2. We’re adding pins to the back and using them as craft swaps for our upcoming Girl Guide Rally. They’re really cute!

  3. This is awesome, I am going to do it with the kids in my class. Thanks a lot

  4. i love these ideas i do craft class every saturday and now it is as easy as a click.
    love this website and i’ll be shore to tell my freinds



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