DIY Wedding Jenga Guestbook Idea (Reception Decor)

DIY wedding jenga guestbook idea
For my wedding I wanted to do something unique besides having just the boring old paper guestbook. I saw an idea on Pinterest which I thought was adorable. Using the fun game Jenga we turned the blocks into a guest signing success! I had a lady make the wood sign but you could do it easily on your own. Just get a wood board and use letter decals to write “Build memories, sign a jenga piece!” Then you will also need a stand to hold it up.
sign for a jenga guestbook reception wedding   
Buy a cheap round fish bowl to have your guests put the jenga blocks in when they finish signing them. I also added some fake diamonds to the bottom of the glass bowl to make it prettier when it was first empty.
Add some thin point black sharpies to your table and you’re all set! It was very fun reading the jenga blocks the morning after the wedding. We even had Elvis drop by our reception 😉
diy fish bowl jenga guestbook blocks for a wedding
We had some humorous ones such as the one in the bowl…
wedding jenga blocks for a wedding guestbook
Love the “Be Happy” block!

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  1. Hi! I’m doing for my wedding! Did the sharpies bleed on the wood?

  2. Did you buy normal jenga pieces? How many game sets did you end up buying?

  3. Did they write on both sides of each jenga piece?

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