Lorax Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Dr. Suess)

In honor of Dr. Suess Day, we made this cute lorax toilet paper roll craft! It was pretty easy to make it just required a lot of cutting. It would be a great idea to incorporate this art project into a Dr. Suess lesson or after you watch the movie!



You will need orange/yellow/white/pink construction paper, a toilet paper roll, scissors, glue, and a green/black marker.


Start by cutting about 1/3 off the toilet paper roll because the Lorax is pretty short! 😉


Glue a piece of orange construction paper around the tube and cut out all these little pieces (eyebrows, mustache, eyes) we did NOT use that orange nose but you surely can!


Cut out an orange circle and glue all the facial features on it. (It’s easier to stick rather than putting it directly on the toilet roll)


Cut out two orange arms.


Glue the circle face onto the top of the TP roll, glue the arms onto the side, and make your own truffula tree for the Lorax to hold. How cute is he?!

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  1. Hysterical! and very creative! Fun to do for a party or just to have a couple of laughs. Love it!

    We’d love it if you would share your creativity on #simplybebetsy galleries. Your DIY’s are perfect for this – hope to see you there.

    Best to you,
    Sharon and Denise

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