Heart Ladybug Valentines Day Craft For Kids

heart ladybug craft for valentines
This is an easy heart Valentines day craft for the kiddos to do! All you need is red/pink/black construction paper, red paint, red pipe cleaner, glue, scissors, and two googly eyes.
ladybug valentines day card
Start by cutting out a black circle from construction paper for the body and then a small oval for the ladybugs head.
heart ladybug valentines craft
Take some red paper and cut out a heart as big as the body part. Turn it upside down and glue it on to make the ladybugs wings. Add a smaller pink heart in the middle. Grab some googly eyes and a pipe cleaner for the antennas.
valentines day ladybug craft
We didn’t have any black paint so we just used red paint fingerprints for the spots. I think it turned out awesome and would be a great Valentines card idea.
heart ladybug valentines day card
We also added some red glitter to the spots but you can’t see it very well with the flash!
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